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My name is Stephanie. I'm 15 years old. I live in a small town and I have a pretty average life with a not so average past. I'm fine with that.

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My name is Stephanie... My best friends, Catie and Kelley are super cool. My twin sister's name is Christina. I don't sleep a lot and when I do I don't sleep well. I have lots of nightmares that I never wake up from and weird dreams that linger in my brain. I'm not ashamed of my past, but don't expect me to broadcast it everywhere. In fact, I may not even share it at all. I'll never admit I like someone to their face. I'll never be happy with the way I look. I'll never have the self-confidence I seek in others. There's not much to tell... but that's my name.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Odd One

I feel like I don't fit.
I know that's cliche, and saying that's cliche is cliche.
But it's kinda the truth.
I'm odd.
I'm not like everyone else or anyone else.
I say things that these kids have never heard of.
And it's not big things, nothing someone would talk about..
it's just small things.
Like saying it is instead of it's.
or saying thank you and never thanks.
And saying thank you after a teacher allows me to go to the restroom.
And saying quite well instead of good.
And doing things without seeing it happening.
That happens a lot.
Where I'll do something, like perform a skit in drama class, or return my calculator to it's bin in Geometry, and after I sit back down and think about it, I'll realize that I wasn't looking at all at what I was doing. I'll try to remember where I was looking, and all I'll get is maybe one snapshot. It's odd.
And then I'll remember things that no one else does, because it is the most useless information ever.
For instance, I knew this kid Zack's 5th and 6th hour, and I only ever talked to him in 4th hour. He mentioned once that he had Algebra II right after our class, and I remembered that because our class was Geometry and I thought it odd to have two math classes in a row. And then one day I saw him doing Chemistry homework and deducted that it had to be his 6th hour because he wouldn't be doing homework in fourth hour if it wasn't due that day. And 6th hour was the only class left after 4 and 5.
And so one day we were talking about his Chemistry class, and I casually asked if he had it 6th hour, and I was right. He freaked out and called me a wizard, and then I told him that I knew his 5th hour was Algebra II also. He thought it was amazing.
And that's just one instance. I remember tons of useless information like that.
I'm odd.
It feels like I don't belong...
but I think I like it that way.

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